Thursday, May 26, 2011

There are Monster's in My Bed!

My little boy just turned 3 last week. He is so different from my oldest son with going to bed.

With my oldest we just did what we called, "Tour de Clocks," which we'd walk around the house to show him the clocks, so he could see it was bedtime. He enjoyed Tour de Clocks. He respected time. Our oldest fell asleep easily. In fact when we had company or babysitters, they couldn't believe how easily our oldest went down!

I kept thinking, Gee wiz why do some people have so many problems getting their kids to sleep? Maybe they baby them too much!

Now is the time I need to swallow my words! Our youngest isn't hard to put to sleep, but he is nothing like his brother! He's an excuse kid. I've heard many excuses:

I scared of the dark! We put a night light in his room.
Mommy my foot itches. Itch it!!!!!!
Mommy I need a drink of water. Nope! I won't give in on this one! I'm trying to night train him.
Mommy I have to go potty. This happens after I've tried getting him to go. Right after I put his diaper on! But I don't want to deny him and then he might have an accident!
Mommy my butt itches. Yes I have heard this one! He ate too many strawberries and had a rash.
Mommy my chest has a headache! Yes I have heard this one too!
Mommy I have a booger on my finger! Don't pick your nose! I run in with a tissue to wipe it away.
Mommy there are monsters in my room! There are no such things as monsters!

Then I started to think, maybe there are very real monster's in some kid's minds! Imaginations are very powerful! Some people claim to of seen real Angels. Is it possible that monsters are a version of a bad spirit or even a good one? My husband would say I'm nuts. He is the type of person that is very scientific. Seeing is believing would come from him. I probably am nuts. It's just a thought of.

One thing I do know is real, Monsters are a real fear. The best thing you can do according to experts is to just do calm things before bed. Like read, give them a warm bath or sing them a few soft songs.

I thought about making or buying Monster Spray:

Experts say that calming things are better. Monster Spray tends to support that the monsters they see are very real. A parent is after all trying to get rid of them. I suppose they could be real, but I don't want my child's anxiety about monster's to explode. Then my youngest will really be hard to put down!

I think you as a parent have to make the decisions as to what is right for you and your child. What worked for my oldest doesn't always work for my youngest.

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