Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Benefits of Tummy Time

Does your baby need tummy time?

According to the experts at Baby Zone, they most certainly do!

The Benefits:
  • They kick more, which works their large motor muscles. 
  • They hold their head up more, which helps strengthen their neck. 
  • They then to grasp at a caregiver's shirt or blanket. This encourages fine motor skills. 
  • They crawl sometimes faster because they like being on their tummy's more.

Ways to Encourage Tummy Time:
  • The Boppy is great for tummy time encouragement. 
  • Lay your baby's lower body in the whole of the Boppy. Their upper body should be in the top portion of the Boppy.
  • Sew baby toys on a baby blanket. You can buy a tab blanket like this one:

  • You can also just lay baby toys out on a blanket. One Savvy Mom! is hosting a giveaway for one winner to win an infant or toddler/tween blanket from Minky Couture! They look so soft and they have a lot of pattern/color options! They are perfect for laying on the floor; for some extra needed tummy time!
Watch Out:

*Don't let your baby fall asleep on their tummy. There is higher risk of sids with sleeping on the tummy. Put your baby back to sleep. Don't let this discourage you from giving your baby the tummy time they do need!

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