Thursday, May 26, 2011

Momma's Sent, Sleeping Tips

When I had my babies I liked having them sleep close to me. I feel like babies like to be close to their Mom and Dad. Plus it was much easier breastfeeding when they were in the same room as I.

My Grandfather made a cradle that was used when I was a baby, and I used it when I had my babies.

I have no problem with people who choose to co-sleep, but I just couldn't do it. The fear that I'd roll on top of my baby was strong. I'm a super sound sleeper! The experts recommend that baby's have nothing in their bed such as bumper pads, pillows and blankets. In my bed there are both blankets and pillows. I kept my babies blanket free by using a zip up sleeper blanket like this one:

Our babies napped in their own room, so that they would feel comfortable when it was time to switch where they slept. Our son's didn't have a problem switching over from our room to their own bedrooms.

It was when they had extended hospital stays {one had a staph infection at 7 month and the other had meningitis at 2 months} that they had a problem sleeping soundly in their own room. In the hospital they had mostly Mommy by their side. When they went home Mommy was in a different room. Plus they still had IV's in to do home IV treatments.

I found a great way to make them feel comfortable again. I read about placing mom's night shirt in their crib to help transition them. It works! All you have to do is wear the shirt once. Babies develop their sense of smell before their sense of sight.

To wean them from this you simply take your night shirt away at nap time. They rely on it minimally. When it's there they seem to sleep more soundly in the comfort of their Mother's sent.

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