Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slow Down, You're Growing Too Fast!

Kids grow super fast! With my first child it seemed like he grew fast in some ways, and time seemed to go slow in other ways. With my second child time was in warp speed! I really wanted to put a brick on his head and have him grow and change slower, so that I could savor every moment!

I hate packing baby clothes away! I just know that I will never use them again. 

With my youngest I don't have to buy too much because he uses what his brother had. With my oldest I'm buying more every year. He's so tall for a soon to be kindergartener! He fits in size 8 shirts all ready!

Old Navy is having a huge sale right now! Online deals can be so great! No running out with the kids, dealing with car seats, breastfeeding in public {if you're still doing that}. I hated taking the boy's out shopping, and the youngest would want to stop to eat. An empty dressing room was my best friend at the time.

Here is some of the baby stuff Old Navy has on their mega sale:
Goodness this little dress is cute! My girl name was going to be Savannah Claire. We never had a girl, but I still love the name and this dress!
 Soft soled shoes for $6.00! You really can't beat that! These are the best for beginning walkers!

For Father's Day, your baby boy could wear this:

My Wee View is giving away a $100 gift card to Old Navy. Can't wait? You can print of this coupon to get 15% off one single full price item.


Cakeblast said...

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Petula said...

Yup, this is great information. I'm always constantly packing, moving and sorting clothes. And regardless of what gets passed to which kid I always need to buy more. :-)