Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet™

I just found a new store that I think is amazing!
It's called Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet™.

When I saw it, I thought about last year! My two year old {at the time} got stung in the nose with a paper wasp! We were out at a park taking extended family photo's. I was stuck with a cranky toddler that looked nothing like himself. Even worse, we had no medicine that would treat him for his sting! Can you tell his nose is completely swollen!?!

One Savvy Mom! is giving away a Mommy's Medicine Cabinet of their choice (Winner will have the choice of the Infants Medicine Cabinet or the Children's Medicine Cabinet RV$59.99).

I love the case that it comes in, the fact that it has pretty much anything you would need and it's portable!

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