Monday, March 7, 2011

Up! and a Visa Giveaway by Cora Carolina

Letting my kiddo's feel free to use their imagination's is so important to me as a parent!

One movie that I love is Up! If you haven't seen it, it's a must watch. I'm not promoting the movie in any way; I just like it.

A crew of people decided to make a 16'x16' house. It's not a full sized house, but it's still cool. They added 300 weather balloons filled with helium. It went up 10,000 feet and flew for around an hour. How cool is that? You can read the whole article here. These are some of the pictures that were used from this site.

My oldest son, Mica's favorite part of the movie is when the balloons lift up the house. He grabs his Little People play house, and acts it out. The only bad part is that it's not always smooth sailing. Our furniture gets banged up by his house. Luckily he's caused no damage.

My favorite part of Up! is when Mr. Fredrickson was young, and dressed like a pilot. The little girl is so spunky and he is very imaginative.

Cora Carolina has a doll that reminds me of Mr. Fredrickson, except with green eyes. I love their selection of dolls! I was a huge doll collector growing up. So full of imagination:

Cora Carolina is giving away a $25 Visa card on this site! This ends today at 10 pm. Anyone can enter. 

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