Friday, March 18, 2011

Do Babies Need an Easter Basket?

If they have an older sibling then you should probably get them something. Will your baby know the difference? No. If it's your first child they don't need anything. I thought it was fun to get my first child a little something, so I did. Here are some idea's for your babies Easter basket.

What a Baby Easter Basket Can Include:

Get a basket that you can use in their room for decor, or practical use.

Idea's for later use: Diaper cream, socks, wipes, fingernail clippers, burp rags, baby books, teething toys and more.

Line the basket with a soft banket instead of Easter grass.

Include a baby book. If they are not into reading now, they will be soon enough. Try to go with soft baby books if they are really young.

Include a teether or baby toy.

Include a washcloth set or burp rags.

You could throw in a cute outfit, sleeper or bib.

You can include a bottle and/or pacifier. If they are old enough for a snack, throw one of those in. We put Bunny Crackers in plastic eggs when our son's were old enough to eat them. Cheerios work great for a first food. I made most of my baby food, so jars of baby food weren't really bought much.

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