Sunday, March 6, 2011

Did You Have a Blankie When You Were Little?

I had a yellow one that was satin on one side and soft on the other. My Grandma made it. I swear I can still feel it in my fingers. So soft and silky! I also sucked two of my middle fingers. I came out of my mom with callouses on my itty bitty fingers.

I think it's important that little ones have at least one thing to comfort them. Both of my boy's had blankies until they were about 1 or 1 1/2 years old. Isaak has dog stuffed animals and Mica has dino ones. Isaak's always been much more into that kind of thing then Mica. Kids are different in many ways, and the same in others.

My Wee View is hosting a giveaway for an AllyZabba Travel Blankie. I'd love to give my cousin's new baby to be one of these blankies!

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Stacy said...

My ds17 had a blanket with the silky material around the edges that he used to rub all the time. I remember once we left it in a hotel room several hundred miles away when he was dh ended up driving back for it because he cried so much fo it. When he moved out I was giving his closet a thorough cleaning and found a rmenant of that blanket. It's in his baby book. :)