Sunday, March 13, 2011

Be Supportive of Those That Choose to Breastfeed!

This post is about being supportive to those that choose to breastfeed. I had a little of both in my family. My Mom, my younger sister and my husband were super supportive towards me when I started breastfeeding. Without them, it would have been harder to continue on.

Ways to Be Supportive:
  • Don't push the binki or bottle early on. The breastfeeding mom should have a well established latch before the binki or bottle is even thought of. The baby can get nipple confusion. The breast is much more difficult to latch to then a binki or bottle are. The infant will start to suck on the breast like a binki or bottle, which is an improper latch. The timing of introducing a binki or bottle can be different for each mom. It took me way longer then a lot of mom's, so I don't think that putting a number on the days for when a baby can take one is appropriate. When is a baby ready for a binki or bottle:
  1. When the breastfeeding mom has no pain while nursing. If the mom is in pain, the baby is not latching right. 
  2. When the baby is growing properly. 
  3. Get the advice of the babies pediatrician. Some pediatrician's will advise a mom to give a baby a bottle as a limited supplement if the baby is not nursing properly.

  •  Get the breastfeeding mom a Boppy or pillow. I'm not just talking about buying them one. Actually assist them in getting them positioned right for the baby.
  • Get the mom some water, or Mother's Milk Tea. This will replenish the mom's supply of fluids being sucked out of her.

  • Volunteer to watch the baby, so the mom can get some much needed sleep. The key thing is: Wake the mom up when it is time to nurse.
  • Give the mom a massage. Relaxation helps with nursing.
  • Cook the mom a meal. One of my favorite baby gifts was a home cooked meal!

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