Thursday, March 31, 2011

Development, What's Normal?

I think it's important to talk about development. My two kiddo's are 2 months and 3 months apart from my two nephews. 

Our kids got somewhat compared because they were close in age. This is so not right to do! 

Every child develops differently. If your child is behind in many areas, then you should be concerned. But if they are excelling in one area, and behind in another that's ok.  You can read more about this subject here. I think {especially with our first} we get hung up with developmental progress too much. At least I did.

I remember being really worried about the fact that our son Mica couldn't eat solid foods, jump, or throw a ball when our nephew Evan could. In fact Mica was quite a bit behind Evan in all things dealing with motor skills.

Mica was ahead of Evan when it came to talking. Evan stuttered, and it was harder to understand what he was saying.

Mica had a rough first start in life. He was born with a cyst under his tongue, making it hard to nurse and difficult to eat solid foods. He also cut teeth later then most. Then he had a funky crawl. He tucked one leg under his body {not using it at all}. He had a staph infection at 7 month, which could have cost him his life. All those things played a part in his development. He had a limp when he first started walking because of his awkward crawl. I was a nervous wreck. I kept thinking he'd have Autism or some odd disease because of the cyst he was born with, his limping walk and he had an eye lower set then the other.  I had a right to be concerned. Even the doctors were concerned.

Fast forward: When Mica and Evan were in preschool, Mica would not get into art. Odd because my husband and I are both artists. Cutting was a major issue. His teachers were worried he had problems with the muscles in his hands. Evan was cutting out all kinds of things. Mica could build. He could put 100 piece puzzles together like it was no big deal. Mica knew his letters and colors when he was 3 {early}. Mica's whole preschool class went on to kindergarten; except for him. Mica has an August birthday. His needing to work on social skills and lack of being able to cut and draw set him in preschool for another year. I felt like I was doing something wrong; even though he was ahead in many areas.

Fast forward again: After Christmas something snapped. Mica went from only mixing paint to now cutting and drawing. He picks art at preschool all the time now. His drawings are so detailed that they look over his age level. He surprises me at least once a week with a drawing that I didn't think he could make.

What I think and have learned as a parent: I think some kids just get things at different times in their development. I think I was nuts for being so worried. But...I had a right to be worried. I'm proud of my five year old.

I've compared my almost 3 year old Isaak a lot less to my nephew Elijah that is 2 months older.

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