Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Doll That Mimics Breastfeeding

A doll that promotes breastfeeding. How do you feel about this doll?

I blogged a long time ago {before I had this blog} about the controversy doll that mimics breastfeeding.

My take: My youngest Isaak and my sister Terra both mimicked breastfeeding with their dolls/stuffed animals. 

I feel like it's great to have a doll that mimics breastfeeding. I do not think it is necessary to have the halter top with flowered {nipples}. In fact, why not make more more dolls that have the sucking nature? Kids can play with the doll how they want to. If their parents want to buy them separate bottles to go with the doll, so be it. There are many women that pump and bottle feed. If the kid wants to mimic breastfeeding, so be it. Kids will play out what they see adults doing with babies. I don't think a breastfeeding doll is any less disturbing then a doll that pees it's pants.   

In America, it's the land of the free. I strongly feel that this doll should not be banded. On the other end parents are free not to buy this doll, or free to buy it. 

I really stand with George Stephanopoulos on this one. He has no problem with his kids playing with one of these dolls.

Good Morning America had a excerpt on this doll two days ago. They blocked out embedding the video, but you can watch it here; they have more you can read about here. They waited until now to feature this doll on their show because it's just starting to be sold in America. It's $89. Of course since it's a hot talked about item, they are racking up the price.

Good Morning America has a pole here asking:

Do you think a breast-feeding doll that makes lifelike sounds goes too far?

A) Yes, it forces girls to grow up too quickly.
B) No, it teaches a positive message about nurturing and motherhood.

I picked B. What would you pick? I will in no way judge you for what you pick. I have some family members would would be dead set against this doll. On the other side, I have many family members that would be for it. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

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Petula said...

That's an interesting doll. It's probably not a doll I would buy for my children, but it's something we have already talked about. (All but one of them were nursed.) ... If someone gave them the doll I wouldn't be opposed.