Thursday, May 13, 2010

Starting the Pacifier

  • I waited to start my babies on a pacifier until they were well established nursers.
  • Breastfeeding requires a baby to use more muscles in their face to complete the task then sucking on a bottle or pacifier does.
  • If they are introduced too early with an artificial nipple, they may get lazy and go on a nursing strike.
  • Don't get me wrong...I owe a lot to pacifiers. They were great when Mica had to get an MRI, and couldn't nurse all morning long. They are a soother. Just don't start them too early.
  • What pacifier do you get?
  • I really wish I would of known about the Raz Baby Keep it Kleen pacifier! It closes before it drops on the floor!

  • I always wondered if Isaak might of gotten his meningitis from his binky. I don't know for sure how he got it. This is just a guess.

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