Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nursing Bracelets

  • There are a lot of nursing bracelet's on the market.
  • They are an excellent idea! Really any bracelet will work. You just switch arms to know which breast to start on for the next feeding. Believe me, it's easy to forget!
  • The first few weeks you can nurse on one side the whole feeding. Then you switch sides for the next feeding.
  • When they get a little older and are nursing more, you'll want to switch sides during one single feeding.

  • I really like the Milk Bands Nursing Reminder Bracelets that are sold at Mom4Life!
  • They are great because they maintain an accurate log of their baby's feeding time. This would of been so great for doctor appointments. The nurse always asked me, "How much does he eat?" I was always like, "Humm?"
  • A side indicator lets the mother know which breast should be used when starting a feeding session by simply flipping the Milk Band inside-out once during every nursing session.
  • A time tracking device is included, which can be used for many different purposes including:
  1. Record single feeding sessions to the nearest 5 minute increment
  2. Record multiple feeding sessions over a full day period
  3. Record the number of times the baby fed in one day
  4. Record the number of diapers a baby soiled during the day
  5. Reminding the mother what time the baby last fed
  6. Reminding the mother roughly what time the baby is due for another feeding

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