Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daddy's Help

  • One thing that I've heard some people say about breast feeding, "I really wish I could of breast fed, but I wanted Daddy to share some responsibility and be able to bond with the baby as well."
  • A breast fed baby can bond with the father. It may be a different type of bond, but everyone bonds in different ways.
  • Some of the things my husband did to help out are:
  1. He got me drinks of water while I was nursing.
  2. He changed diapers.
  3. He fixed some meals while I was nursing.
  4. He burped the baby.
  5. He cuddled with the baby.
  6. When the baby was old enough Daddy gave him bottles during the day while I was at work.
  • These are all important things.
  • I really would of had more trouble nursing if it were not for all my husband's help.

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