Monday, May 10, 2010

Ever Been Walked in on While Pumping?

  • I have been walked in on while pumping at work and in the hospital.
  • In the hospital I was sort of ok with being walked in on. There really wasn't any other room besides the hospital room I could go to pump for my newborns, and when my babies were sick. Hospital staff just seem ok with stuff like that.
  • But when it happened at work I was embarrassed!
  • We have no rooms with locks on them at work. I made a sign that said, "This room is in use, Please do not open. Come back in about 15 min." It was in bold big letters, and hung right by the door handle.
  • Being a teacher, I know people don't always read before they do things. Sure enough I was walked in on twice. Luckily I had my back to who opened the door. One time I had nearly a whole tour get lead into the room I was pumping. Luckily the admission's rep saw I was in there before she lead them into the room.
  • My answer to getting privacy at work if there are no locks on the doors, get a door stop. Put it in the door from the inside, so it stops people from coming in. A co-worker actually gave me this idea when I was complaining about getting walked in on. Most work places have them already. I just grabbed one from work, and put it in the outside pocket of my pump bag. I almost got walked in on one more time, but the door stop, stopped them from coming in.

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