Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Top Ten Tips for New Mom's and Dad's

  1. Sleep when your baby is napping. You may feel like you get enough sleep/or not. The truth is, is that you get a lot of interrupted sleep at night. The deep sleep that you used to getting is not there. You need extra sleep at your baby's nap time.
  2. Don't push solid foods too fast. Wait until your baby shows signs like smacking their lips and following your food with their eyes. Food allergies are on a high more then ever, so it's important to hold off. I know it's tempting to see their reaction to new foods, but you will get to see that soon enough. Follow food timelines for when to feed what to your baby. There are websites and books that strictly abide by food timelines.
  3. Try to use organic, or make your own lotions, shampoos, wipes, cloth diapers, laundry detergent and so on for your baby. Just like food allergies are high, so are skin ones. Why? Because of the chemicals in them. Your baby's skin is sensitive, treat it as such. 
  4. Use a binki to soothe them to sleep. When babies are young, binki's are known to help reduce SIDS. Wash it often.
  5. Throw the binki away! I know it's the opposite of number 4. When your older baby is throwing their binki out of the crib on purpose because it's fun; it's time to dispose of it. If you wait to break the binki habit, it will harder to deal with.
  6. Put your baby Back to Sleep! Back to Sleep again reduces the risk of SIDS. I know experts have changed their mind about this time and time again. Think of it this way, if your baby spits up in their sleep while on their tummy they can drown in their own spit up. They can also suffocate with bumper pads and thick blankets. When they are old enough to roll over, let them.
  7. Give your baby tummy time. Again the opposite of number 6. If you are around your child, tummy time is important. They develop muscles that they wouldn't develop otherwise to hold their head up, roll over and crawl. You don't want them to hate being on their tummy. A great way to give your child tummy time is to prop them up on a Boppy.
  8. Hold your baby. Babies need love. You can't spoil a baby. They long for that affection. A baby would never be able to survive on their own in nature. They need their mom and dad.
  9. If you want to breastfeed invest is a good pump and stick with it. Buying a cheep pump will discourage extended breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one thing that gets easier with time. Babies later on nurse for longer periods of time and are more skilled at it. With that in mind, breastfeeding is not for everyone. I do not have this blog to bash anyone who chooses to formula feed. There are many benefits to breastfeeding that outweigh formula feeding. That doesn't mean that if you formula feed, your child is going to get tons of ear infections, be overweight and stupid when they grow up! That's just silly thinking! Everyone has a right to do what's best for them. Breast was best for me. It may or may not be for you.
  10. Read and sing to your baby. They just love the sound of your voice. They appreciate books more if you start out early. Begin with cloth books, books that they can chew on.

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Jen ( said...

I can't echo the breast pump advice enough!