Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breastfeeding a Sick Baby

My nephew Emerson is being fed in two ways:

1. Through an NG Tube. My sister pumps and the breastmilk is given to Emerson through the NG Tube. His feeding tube did fall out once. That wasn't good. Before it fell out Emerson was able to breastfeed a little. After it fell out, it caused Emerson some stress and he didn't latch well at all.

2, Emerson is back to breastfeeding. He still gets breastmilk via NG Tube as well. My sister uses shields, which uses less muscles then a full latch. Little Emerson is beating his odds. He's doing pretty good. He gained back his birth weight and actually gained an aditional pound. All off of Mamma's Milk! YAY Emerson!

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