Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!

EcoMom has a spooky thing going on right now on their site. You can go to their site and find 12 bat hidden on their product links.

Copy the product link names that have the 12 hidden bats on them, and paste them somewhere on your computer.

Once you are all done finding the 12 bats, email EcoMom at:

You'll want to include the 12 product names, your full name and email address.

They will send you a 15% your next order code. Your name will go into a pot, and three people will win a $25 gift certificate.

Their site is really fun! Full of pregnancy, nursing items and even things for older babies and kids.

I found the bats already, and it didn't take long. I will not tell you the answers.

Hurry! They will only give you until October 17 to find the bats.

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