Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have a Great Weekend!

Since it is Labor Day weekend, I get a rare day off with my husband! We both work full time, but do not have daycare. 
It works like this: I get our boys Saturday and Sunday, my younger sister takes care of our boy's and her own two on Monday, Daddy takes care of our boy's and our two nephews on Tuesday and Wednesday, my parents take care of our boy's on Thursday and my sister takes care of our boy's and her own on Friday. 
If you think that's complicated, my sister is a teacher and her schedule changes most every semester. Daddy works Saturday and Sunday. We're lucky he has a boss that will work around our nutty schedule. 
I love that the boy's are always watched by people that care about them, but hate that we rarely get a day off together.

A great weekend it will be! I just hope that I don't get the head cold that our two year old has. 

Any plans for you over the weekend? 
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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend together!