Sunday, June 27, 2010

Diaper Rash

  • My toddler has diaper rash. It's been a long time since he's had it.
  • Any ticks up your sleeve readers as to how to treat it?
  • I use baby wash clothes instead of wipes to clean his bottom. They are soft, and do not contain alcohol like manufactured wipes do. I'm going to put a recipe on here soon to make your own wipes.
  • I use Bag Balm for the majority of time when it comes to a sore bottom. It can be found in any pharmacy. You do need to ask for it. It is not in the baby section. It's original use was to treat cow utters. You get a lot (10 ounces) in this cute tin for an reasonable cost.
  • It works very well for a dry sore bottom.

  • When my little one gets a yest diaper rash I make my own diaper rash cream. Usually a yeast diaper rash is from diarrhea.
  • I mix 50/50 Milk of Magnesia and Ponds Cold Cream. The Milk of Magnesia kills the acid and the Ponds Cold Cream moisturizes his red bottom.
  • I got this recipe from my boy's pediatrician. It helps within a day or two.

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