Saturday, June 12, 2010

Can You Breastfeed an Adopted Baby?

  • The answer is, "YES"!
  • I have one sister that is adopted. My mom didn't know that she could breastfeed her. During those times, it would of been hard prepping to nurse an adopted child. They didn't have the breast pumps that they do today.
  • Through history they had what is called, "A Wet Nurse" take care of someone's baby. They nursed their own baby, and already had milk, or would just start lactating due to putting the baby on their breast.
  • This process is much easier now because there is such advanced breast pumps that can be used before the baby arrives.
  • Breastfeeding is such a positive way to bond and it's good for the baby and mom too!
  • Medela has a whole article on the subject here.

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Lucky Jones said...

I've heard about this!! nursing is such a great bonding experience!

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