Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Desk or Changing Table?

  • When I was pregnant with my youngest, I knew I needed to find ways to save space in his soon to be nursery.
  • I took an old desk that was left in our house from the previous owners and decided to convert it into a changing table.
  • I ripped paper, glued it all over the desk, painted it dark brown and put three coats of acrylic varnish on top. The texture is subtle.
  • The idea of this desk being a changing table appealed to me because it had a hole in it where a chair would normally sit, which was perfect for a hamper.
  • I imagine a large trash can, or diaper pail would work in this hole as well!
  • The drawers on the sides were used for baby socks, onesies, BabyLegs, sleepers and more.
  • We still had room on the top for the wipes, spit up rags and anything else that we needed.
  • The diapers hung above the changing table.

  • We used the middle drawer for a baby brush, lotion, thermometer and the many samples that we got in the mail.
  • When our son got sick with Meningitis we had to treat him at home with home IV antibiotics. This was the spot we made sanitary and reserved for treatment. Our baby had to lay down for half an hour three times during a 24 hour period. The middle drawer was pulled out, and we fit our many supplies inside a lined cake pan for his treatments.
  • As you can tell it's served many purposes.
  • Now that our son Isaak is a toddler, I've taken the changing pad off and it's now back to being a desk. I love that this old desk was something that we're using.
{Trash Turned to Treasure}

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