Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Storing Baby Food and Breast Milk

  • With Mica I used ice cube trays to put my milk in. I didn't even know they made ice cube trays with lids at the time, so I put HUGE plastic bags over the trays.
  • I found some ice cube trays that I really liked after Mica was born.
  • I used them for Isaak, and LOVED them! I used them for breast milk and baby food.
  • They are called Orca Ice Cube Trays. It's great that they come in different colors (orange, blue and white). This way you know what was pumped the most recent.

  • I just ran the bottom of the trays under warm sink water, then the cubes popped out very easily.
  • They then went in the freezer in sandwich bags. I dated the bags with Sharpies.
  • When they were ready to be used, cubes were put in drop in liners. Daddy would warm up water in a glass 2 cup measuring cup, he heated it in the microwave for 2 min. The bottle would sit in the water until it was thawed.
  • Daddy preferred this method over milk bags. They expand when they freeze, so when they thaw they leak. No leaking with our method.
  • I loved making baby food in these trays because I knew the food stayed fresh. I didn't get things like apples and pears mixed up because they were each put in a different colored tray. 
  • There are a lot of baby food trays on the market, and Orka tops my list!

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