Thursday, April 29, 2010

Low Supply?

  • I think all mothers run into the worry that they are not producing enough milk.
  • With Mica I had too much in the beginning, then not enough. I was so worried. It was a common worry in my mommy's group.
  • The BEST thing to do is to pump. They say to pump after a baby nurses. I found that I really didn't have anything after nursing, so I pumped for only 5 to 10 minutes before they nursed, or 5 to 10 minutes during a non-nursing time. You won't get a lot of milk in this time frame, but a baby can always get more out, much more then a pump can. This really helped my supply.
  • Other things that help: There's a natural pill called Fenugreek. I called my OB doctor, who gave the ok to take it. Let your doctor know if you plan on taking anything when breastfeeding. Even if it's natural.

  • Good old fashioned malt powder is supposed to help. I love malt powder, and it did seem to help. You can stir it into ice cream, yogurt, coffee (don't intake a lot of caffeine when nursing though). There are lots of brands of malt powder.

  • Mother's Milk Tee is great tasting, smelling and again builds up your milk supply. Many tee's are not ok to drink while being pregnant or nursing. They have too many herbs in them. This one is one of the safe ones. It can be found in any health food store.
  • It even says on the box, "Promotes Healthy Lactation".

  • There is also the yummy lactation cookies. This recipe will be another post. does not include breast milk in the ingredients.


Felicia said...

The Mother's Milk Tea really helped me a lot!

alissa4illustration said...

The Mother's Milk Tea smells great too!