Friday, April 30, 2010


  • I know some people don't want to nurse at all because they are afraid of being bitten.
  • Being bitten will happen, but it happens way less then I initially thought.
  • It's probably because whenever either of my kids nursed and bit, I took them off and said, "NO"! I say, "NO" loudly not on purpose, it's just is unexpected.
  • They were not allowed to go back on for 2 minutes, which seems like torture to them.
  • After this they do not bite. It may happen again when they cut another tooth a few months later. Just say, "NO" and set them down for 2 minutes.
  • They learn really fast that they have to be good to get what they want.
  • A little fact in my household: I've been bit on the leg way more then on the breast. I'll be cooking, they want my attention, they are teething and come up to bite my leg. This is even harder to deal with then being bitten during nursing because often times they are to little for a time out, the only thing they want is my attention. I'm in the kitchen and it's hard to stop what I 'm doing. In this case I give them a firm, "NO" and set them in their high chair.

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