Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby and Me Group

  • I know some Mom's don't like Baby Groups. I won't get into the negative things I've heard. Let's just say that women in general can get gossipy.
  • I want to stay positive! :)
  • There is a group I went to called Baby and Me Group in Omaha, NE.
  • Some things I really liked about going to a group like this is that they had a Lactation Consultant come in once a month for help, your baby could get weighed, they had guests come in to talk about other mommy/baby needs, it was free, time with other mothers was just needed, you could get advice, or give advice.
  • I started going initially because Mica's pediatrician wanted him to come in a lot to make sure he was gaining weight. The same with Isaak. I said, "How about I go to Baby and Me Group to report back to you as to how much he weighs?" They were fine with that as long as I did indeed call in to report. co-pay, plus other benefits!

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