Monday, April 26, 2010

Mica's Birth Story

  • My oldest Mica, who is now four was a breach baby who refused to turn. I even tried to get an external cephalic version, which is so painful! He was long, I was low on fluid, so turning him from the outside just wasn't happening.
  • Mica came out mooning the doctors. Since he was a c-section baby I didn't get to nurse him right away. We were separated. This is one thing I wish would change.
  • Once I did see Mica my sister's, mom and I realized that his tongue looked funny.
  • It wasn't until the pediatrician came in that we found out Mica had a salivary cyst under his tongue, and he was tongue tied.
  • A doctor came in that night to lance his cyst and complete a frenulectomy. Talk about difficult to nurse!!!!!!!!!!
  • When people complain about how hard it is to start nursing, I always want to say, "You have no idea". It was hard!
  • I was determined. I refused to give Mica a bottle because I didn't want him to get nipple confused. I had a birth plan, and that was already changed drastically with the c-section happening; I didn't want another thing to get in the way of bonding with my first born. Looking was silly I should of just given him a bottle. Instead I pumped. I actually fed him with a syringe. I'd try and nurse with shields too.
  • A few days later I was told that Mica wasn't gaining enough weight. I had to remove the shields, and nurse naturally. It was a bad night. Mica and I were both in tears!
  • A few days later we had it down. He still had an asymmetrical tongue.
  • Latching under a blanket was out of the question. I had to see what I was doing!
  • He went on to nurse until he was 2 1/2 years old.

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