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What is the Difference Between Cloth and Disposable Diapers?


I wish in a lot of ways that  I would have used cloth diapers on my kiddo's. For the record I did not. My husband and I both work full-time, and to be honest I really just didn't think we had the time to deal with washing diapers. 
Truth be told I didn't know what I know now.

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I found an excellent spot on Preston's Pants website about cloth versus disposable diapers, and wanted to share this information with you:

Exactly how harmful are disposable diapers?

Why do we use cloth??  by Colleen Moriarty

First and foremost,  we love the fact that cloth is SAFE for our baby and has no unfamiliar chemicals that I can not pronounce!  Diaper rash is so common from all of the chemicals used to make disposables.  It makes me shudder to imagine toxic chemicals on my little ones bottom for 3 years straight!  I don't want to take any chances on how harmful they might be, and I prefer to play it safe!  I think sitting on Sodium polyacrylate (a chemical removed from tampons, that is linked to toxic shock syndrome) and dioxin for three years, could possibly be harmful, don't you? Dioxin is the most toxic of all cancer linked chemicals!

Secondly, diapering is a task that should not be should be fun!  I love the different colored diapers and designs that can be used to make my little one look delicious in every way possible! Minky diapers... make your baby feel like a little teddy bear.  Fuzzy and comfortable for baby, and mommy!

Thirdly, it saves us money.  You may find that the initial cost of cloth is more, versus buying a pack or two of disposables every week.  But, you will have nothing to show for it once you are done with those diapers.  Its like flushing your money down the toilet!  Cloth is far less expensive in the long run.  Buy it, use it, reuse it, and save it for another baby.  Its a small investment, that pays off in a major way!  

After only 3 months of diapering you will have spent over $200.00 already, using disposables.  Within the first year, you will spend close to $750.00 on just diapers!  Clearly, cloth is the winner, already, at a total cost of anywhere from $300.00 to $500.00 for a comfortable stash of cute and colorful diapers.  

And...can you resell your disposables?  NO!  But, I can resell my cloth diapers on several websites and get back a portion of what I invested, if I choose to do so.  This is quite normal in the cloth diapering world.  Think about diaper never get the same cloth back, yet it is reused by many families and perfectly safe...with proper washing methods.

Fourthly, I am saving water by using cloth.  Did I say water??  YES!  To make disposables thousands of gallons of water are being used during manufacturing.  The run off in this process (bleach and all) ends up in our rivers, and our oceans, etc.  And...once the used disposable reaches the landfills, it holds in more water (our precious rainwater).  All of the rain just hangs tight in the those little chemical jelly beads, never to be released or broken down!  Talk about trashy!  Disposables are the worst trash on the planet!

I must conclude that cloth is a favorite in our household and we won't be spending our hard earned money on those stinky sposies!   Even my 13 year old can change a dirty diaper with ease.  My hubby prefers cloth too!

If you would like to take that step, to a healthier life and planet, by choosing cloth, I will help to get you started!

Preston's Pants has been rated in the top ten cloth diaper companies, according to customer reviews on The Diaper Pin.  We strive for quality, reliability, and comfort.  With all of the different options out there, its hard to find the right fit for you baby.  And on  top of that, to find a diaper that really works!  You can start off right, by starting with Preston's Pants!

We stand by our products, and will help you through any issues or concerns you may have!

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Jen M said...

interesting article and points. i've been using disposable diapers and it's too late to switch now, cuz i'm potty training my 16 month old. i'll definitely try cloth with my 2nd kid (once that one comes along)

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