Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee Tables

Do you have a coffee table? I know getting a coffee table when you have a baby or toddler can be concern. What if they fall and hit their head on it? Our youngest son hit his head on my sister's coffee table, and had to get stitches last year. We have a coffee table. My husband and I have it pushed up against the wall, so the kids have room to play. We won't let the kids play on it with toys. We've never had a problem with our kids and our coffee table. CSN | Stores has a great selection of contemporary coffee tables! I think in a few years we'll have to get one through CSN | Stores for our downstairs.

I love the coffee table above called Jofran Viejo Lift - Top Cocktail Table in Brown Mission Oak. It has drawers for bedtime stories, and a shelf underneath for cuddly blankets.

Browse through CSN | Stores to see what contemporary coffee tables you like.

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Chelsey said...

We've always had our coffee table in the middle of the room. The kids walked around it when they were learning to walk and play and draw on it.

I think it depends on the kid as to whether or not there's a potential problem. Mine were very graceful fallers. lol...

Drawers and shelves are a great idea! I'd love my coffee table to have some storage!