Monday, October 25, 2010

Ways to Prevent Mastitis

  1. A key factor to preventing Mastitis is to nurse frequently. I would not go for a long time without nursing. If you are away from your baby pump often. I had to pump often when my babies were sick to not only keep up my supply, but also to prevent Mastitis.
  2. Try not to sleep on your stomach. This is for long periods of time. It put pressure on your breasts.
  3. Avoid tight clothes. They can push on milk ducts, causing a blockage.
  4. If you feel like your breasts are full or engorged pump or nurse. Try feeding your baby even if they don't appear to be giving you signs of being hungry. When weaning this is really hard. I had to pump because I cut my youngest son off. He wouldn't quit any other way.
  5. Stress, sickness and being tired can put you at risk for developing mastitis. Take care of yourself!
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Busy Working Mama said...

Gosh I am so glad I never had mastitis! Great tips!

Lu said...

Mastitis is not fun! I had no idea that I shouldn't have been sleeping on my stomach!! After not being able to sleep on my stomach for so long while pregnant with my daughter, I went right back to it the night she was born ('98). The only reason I did not sleep on my stomach after my son, was because I had a cesarean ('08). Maybe that helped since I didn't get it while nursing him, only with my daughter!