Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help Your Child Sleep Better at Night

My oldest rarely had problems sleeping at night. When he was really little he would nurse, we would brush his teeth, we'd read a book and off to bed he went. As he got a little older we did what we called "Tour de Clocks." We walked him around and showed him the clocks in our house, and told him that it was in fact bedtime. This worked like a charm!

With our youngest it's a different story! He goes to sleep after awhile, but he's not the smooth sleeper like Mica. He seems to be afraid of the light, lack of light and the cute sleeping owl on his wall.

FunFritzFamily is giving away a very cool clock called My Tot Clock! It switches colors for different things.

Blue light means night night.
Yellow light means good morning.
Red light is a time out.
Green light is positive time. Like be patient while mommy is on the phone.

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