Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keepsakes Mean so Much!

I think one of the best gifts to give someone that is about to have, or has had a baby is a keepsake.

One of my husband's favorite things he has is a plate that he had when he was just a little boy. I had a ceramic shoes with my name, weight, date of birth all on it. I also had a small ceramic June doll that had my birth month flower {a rose} with my birthstone inside it {a pearl}. My own children got a set of silverware with Peter Rabbit on them.

I found a site called Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles that has a really pretty keepsake for all different types of occasions. A baby shower, or birth is a perfect time to give something like this away.

The Crafty Nest is giving away one tile from Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles!

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