Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giant Microbes Review

Spring and summer colds have got to be the worst! Your kids are ready to get out and play, and they or you come down with a cold.

I was lucky enough to win my choice of a Giant Microbe. In return of winning this fun, yet informative plush I asked if they would like for me to review it? They said, "Yes."
I chose to get The Common Cold {Rhinovirus}. I wanted to get it to push my kids to wash their hands. There were others that I thought about getting.

They have a Staph Infection Plush {Staphylococcus aureus}; Mica had a life threatening staph infection when he was 7 months. I thought that having that plush could explain some what happened to him.

I also thought about getting their new Hay Fever Plush {Grass Pollen} plush. My kids and I all suffer through allergies. Mine are off the charts!

These plush's are more then cute! They are a teaching devise!

Each plush comes with a little card that teaches you what their plush is about. Things my kids, husband and I learned about the common cold:
  • There are over 250 varieties of cold viruses. That's why it's so hard for doctors to determine what you have when you go in.
  • In the Greek language "Rhino" means nose. 
  • Rhinovirus love the low humidity months. That is why we get colds more often in the fall and winter.
  • You do not get a cold from being cold.

Both of my kids were really excited to get The Common Cold {Rhinovirus} in the mail! We sat around and talked about the common cold.

What is the best thing you can do when you or your kids get a cold?

Get lots of sleep, rest and enjoy cuddling up with your Giant Microbe plush!


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