Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparing for a Baby Shower

My cousin's baby shower is tomorrow. I said that I would plan for the games and make cookies.


My cousin doesn't know what she's having. This would have totally driven me nuts. I had to know!

I decided to make heart cookies because in our family, we love our babies. I made pink ones for girls and blue ones for boys. Then added the girl and boy symbol to them.


  1. I got 4 diapers, and put a different candy bar in them. Then the boy's and I melted them with a hair dryer. People have to smell them to say which chocolate bar is in each one. 
  2. I bought Easter M&M's {perfect colors for a baby shower}, a vase and baby ribbon. The boy's helped me count the M&M's and eat a few on the way. The guest have to guess how many M&M's are in the vase. Whoever is the closest gets to keep the jar and candy.
  3. Each guest gets a mini plastic baby. If anyone says the word, "Baby" throughout the shower, and is caught, the person that caught them gets their plastic baby. In the end whomever has the most babies wins a prize.

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea! Now how about sharing the recipe? :)