Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feeling Artsy?

I'm a college graphic design/illustration teacher, my husband is a jewelry/sculpture designer, so naturally we wanted our kids to be interested in art.

The first step to painting for beginners is to make sure they can eat what they are painting with. Little kids want to put everything in their mouths before they know better!

I would mix up vanilla pudding. You can make it with left over breast milk, or whole milk. Then separate it into plastic bowls to add a a little food coloring for variety.

I would get them naked, or put them in something I could care less about them messing up.

Then lay a cut up garbage bag on the kitchen floor with a large sheet of paper on it.

They went to town with a great finger painting, and loved every minute of it!!!

Clean up was easy, we just picked them up and gave them a bath.

If you want a design, logo, saying to be under the finger painting you can do a transfer technique. 

Do this a day or two before your child finger paints. I printed out "Happy Valentines Day!" backwards on an ink jet. Then laid it print side down over a wet layer of clear Matte Medium, Gel Medium, even Elmer's Glue works {some kind of clear paint}. Let it dry all the way! Then wet the print with a sponge or washcloth. Start to peel the paper with your hand. The print out stays in the clear paint. Since the pudding is somewhat transparent, you can still see the image under it.

To have a chance to win some Melissa and Doug art supplies you can go to My Wee View. Gummylump is giving away a lot of creative fun items! The list includes:

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