Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cora Carolina is Our New Sponsor!

Cora Carolina is Our New Sponsor!

I'm excited to say that Cora Carolina is Milking the Issue's new sponsor!

I have blogged about Cora Carolina before because I simply love the products they sell.

Their sale items for Cora Carolina are going to be donated to Save a Child's Heart foundation. Their mission is to focus on improving the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease and to create centers of competence in these countries. They are dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available.

Cora Carolina is a woman owned and operated business that cares about the safety of children. I encourage you to also check out their blog!

A few positive things they like to enforce:
  • Imagination
  • Exploration 
  • Creation
Green Living: All products on Cora Carolina are healthy and safe for your home.

Dolls and Plush: These high quality dolls are made to increase creativity.
Toys: Toys that are meant to last, heighten creativity, joy, diversity and family interaction.

Mommy and Me: Products that are safe to use on babies, children and grown-ups.

 There are a lot more products that fill the imagination at  Cora Carolina! Please like them on Facebook!

Disclaimer: The opinions on this post are my personal take on the products. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.  If you have questions about this post please contact me at:

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Rae T. (Auqakuh) said...

Cora Carolina's products look so vibrant and fun. It really warms my heart that they donate proceeds from their sale items to Save a Child's Heart foundation. It's an admirable cause and it really serves to show that many businesses really care about the public they are serving. Thank you for introducing me to them. :)