Sunday, January 9, 2011

When to Buy a Bra During Pregnancy

Trying to figure out when to buy a bra is difficult when you are pregnant!

Here are a few tips to go by when you are pregnant:

  • Shop early in your pregnancy for support and quality.
  • In general breasts are tender and enlarge in the beginning. When this happens, this is one of first signs of being pregnant.
  • A good, supportive bra can help to alleviate tenderness.
  • A maternity shop is not needed at this time. Although many maternity shops are helpful with fitting. Shop were you feel comfortable going to get a full coverage bra. 

Here are a few tips to go by towards the end of your pregnancy:
  • Try to wait close to the end of your pregnancy to buy a bra. You'll need a bra that fits after the baby is born. Sometimes this is difficult to be prepared if you go into labor really early.
  • Again the same rule applies as above {supportive is important}!
  • Do not get more then a couple bra's at this time. Your breasts will change after the baby is born.
  • If you plan on breastfeeding, a good nursing bra is important to have.  There are many brands and styles, so be prepared to try on many. 
  • One of my first outings after having my babies was to buy a few bra's. I knew ahead of time what places I liked to shop at. Once you find a brand(s) you like and the size you are; it's easy to shop online. Going out with a new baby isn't an easy task. 

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