Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding the Best Swingset for Your Wee One

Swingsets are hard to pick out! Luckily there are places that have choices like CSN|Stores.

The Benefits Shopping Online for a Swing Set:
  • Many places have free shipping with over sized items.
  • Usually you're always picking a swing set out from a picture {in store or online}.
  • There is a bigger selection online.
  • Most importantly, you can view the reviews!
Things to Look For When Purchasing a Swing Set from Ezine @rticles:
  • Decide what materials you want to use wood, metal or plastic for the frame of your swing set. Wood is your best bet, but not all wood is the same quality. Northern White Cedar and Con-heart Redwood are good for strength, resistance to decay and do not require staining to protect the wood. Metal is sturdy but they do not have add-on features. Metal swing sets are cemented into the ground. They are much for permanent. Plastic last a few years and have limited warranties.
  • Measure your space so you know the set will fit. Provide a 6' zone around the swing set. Make sure you trim tree branches and bushes before installing your swing set.
  • It's good to start with a swing set that is a basic wood frame that will allow to add on. 
  • Safety should be a major priority for buying any swing set. Look into the hardware, accessories and attachments.
  • Look for testimonials from manufacturers and reviews from consumers. 

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