Friday, December 31, 2010

Daring - No Diaper

My son has been going on this diaper strike.
He'll turn 3 years the middle of May.

My oldest son was much easier to train. He would stop what he was doing to go; my youngest is too busy. He'll even tell us that!

I've been setting our youngest, Isaak on the toilet since he turned 1.
I never treated it like a serious thing. It was pretty casual. 
He's been standing to go. He wants to do everything himself!
He's gone back and forth this whole time.
He sometimes doesn't want to stop playing to go potty.

I have found new tactics to get him to go. I say like, "Hey Isaak do you want to go look in the mirror?",  "Isaak do you want to go make bubbles in the toilet?", "Lets go look at some pictures in the hallway." Anything to get him in the bathroom.

There are a few things in my mind that get in the way of potty training:
  1. Cutting teeth. Both of our kids cut teeth on the later side.
  2. Getting sick.
  3. Pull-Up's.
  4. Lack of consistency.
Isaak would do great with training; then he'd get sick, or cut a tooth. Downhill he'd go, and we'd have to help him back up. Much like how they eat well for a week, and then go through a time where they just don't eat much because they aren't growing.

Pull-Up's are wonderful because the other people that watch him have carpet. Many errands are run throughout the day where Isaak is in a car seat. At home he wears underwear. We have wood floors. Pull-Up's are horrible because toddlers feel like they are wearing a diaper; they pee in them. There lacks the consistency.

Isaak told us that he doesn't want to wear a diaper anymore {even at night}. We're being super daring, and we're giving him what he wants {no diaper}.

He has a toddler bed, so it's a plastic covered mattress. I put down a pee pad, crib sheet, pee pad, crib sheet. That way when he has an accident in the middle of the night I can hopefully remove the top two layers instead of make a bed.

This is something new, so we will see how the no diaper thing goes. Last night I went in at 4 am, and he was wet and cold. He didn't wake up after peeing his pants. It may take awhile, and lots of laundry.

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