Thursday, January 27, 2011

Football Lover or Not - You Will Love This!

I'm not really into football. Alright, I'll come out of the closet, I hate the idea of football.

Why you might ask?

Because my husband can't focus on anything else while it is on. I don't like that it's supposed to last a certain time, and always goes over. People that are into it, are REALLY into it! Then the players always get hurt. I grew up with all sisters, so that didn't motivate me to watch the game.

Now I have boy's. I do my best to support the game. I even dress my little Isaak in football shirts. He has football socks as well. I'm trying to not be discouraging.

For all the football fans {and people like me that don't get into the game} I found the perfect outfit today for babies!

I love them! I have to say the mix is adorable! I may not like football, but I do like shopping!

Now where to find these:

Football BabyLegs can be worn on their legs or when they are older on their arms. My youngest is almost 3 and he wears them on his arms. You can get them many places, but here's a link. They are around $12.

BabyLegs makes socks too! They're sort of new. They come with 2 pair in a package. You can get them here for $10. Isaak asks to wear them all the time!

My newest find is this onesie! Even I the non football lover love this! You can find it at Bambino Balls for $14.95.

That's not all! Bambino Balls has all other sports in the onesies and BabyLegs carry both soccer and baseball too.


Sarah - PS Mom Reviews said...

I love football. Those are just adorable. I wish I had a little baby to dress up right now!

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Hug a tree with me said...

I can't stand football either:) it always comes on when there is something i want to watch, new follower

Hot Mess Mom said...

LOL I'm not a huge fan of watching it either but that's probably because I've grown up with football Friday night a huge part of my life with my dad and brother as football coaches most of my life. I secretly hope my baby boy (the one built like a left tackle already at age 1 LOL) will be a football star! :)

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