Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scentsy Buddies

A tip on Motherhood: Do you know that if your child is having a problem sleeping on their own, you can take a night shirt that you wore, lay it in with them and it will sooth them!

One of babies first senses to develop is the sense of smell.

My sister moved her son from a cradle that was in their room to his own crib in the nursery. While some kids respond well to a move, others do not. She put her night shirt in with him, and he slept like a baby!

Jolly Mom is hosting a great giveaway going on right now! One winner is going to get one of these cute stuffed animals from Scentsy {see below}. Since babies are so tuned in with smell, this product is great for them! It will last all through childhood!

There are six different Scentsy Buddies and 15 Scent Packs to choose from. Each Scentsy Buddy also comes with their own story.

My favorite Scentsy Buddy is Mollie the Monkey.
My favorite Scent Pack is Vanilla Cream.

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