Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of the Most Important Things When You're a Mom is Having More Time on Your Hands!

I remember the days of pumping and eating breakfast at the same time. I want to thank whomever came up with a double electronic pump!

I look back not knowing how in the heck I did things a few years ago. Nursing and pumping takes up a lot of time. Now I don't do those things, and we're still pressed from time! Mostly because our two and a half year old wants to try and dress himself, but his coordination isn't there all the way yet. We're working on it.

Now I find myself saying:
Boy's it's time to get up!
Boy's it's time to get dressed!
Isaak come here so Mommy can help you get you dressed!
It's time to go potty!
It's time to eat!
It's time to get coats on!
It's time to leave!

What I need is for my kid's to understand time! I try to do things early by:
Setting their clothes out the night before. 
Giving baths at night.
Unloading the dishwasher at night. 
Putting all the things we need to take with us in the morning by the front door. 

Shibley Smiles is hosting a giveaway for a winner to receive a Timebuddy

This is something I totally needed when I was little. They found out in later elementary school that I got through the system not knowing how to tell time. At the time I just figured, "Why do I need to know time when the teacher's and my parents told me when to do things." Plus all the clocks in our house growing up were digital. The numbers were right there.

Timebuddy helps you and your kids to be more organized!

"Long term benefit: TimeBuddy helps children have a structured routine that they understand (since they can visually see the series of activities to be performed). Structure in kid’s lives provide security. Children that feel secure have a tendency to be self-confident, independent and responsible; and thus, happy children. Additionally, today’s society, whether we agree or not, is highly active. The demand of work, children’s activities, doctor’s appointments, errands, and personal time continues to increase. Successful adults are often those who have good time management skills; and time management is a habit. Thus, helping children develop this habit at an early age will help them increase their chances to master this skill as adults." 

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