Sunday, November 21, 2010

Onesies, Tees or Button Down Shirts?

With our oldest child I just had no idea what to get when it came to clothing. 

Here's my take:

Onesies work the best for infants. If they soil their diaper, usually the onesie will catch the soil before it gets to their cute pants. Their shirt also stays tucked in because it is in fact a bodysuit. If you get sick of buttoning the snaps; you can always get fashionable BabyLegs to put on their legs. Then you do not need pants. BabyLegs work great when they get older for their arms.

Tees work well for older babies/young toddlers. They move around too much for onesis. All the snapping just wasn't happening with an older baby/toddler that likes to flip around during a diaper change. We started potty training early, so onesis did not work well for us at this age. I bought too many onesies for older babies/toddlers. They really didn't get used.

Button down shirts are so stylish for older toddlers/preschool age. They have the patience to sit through the buttoning of the shirt. There is no need for a shirt to be tucked in like a onesis because they are up right running around most of the time. During the preschool years button up shirts are a must in their wardrobe because they learn to dress themselves. The children that learn to button up their own shirt early are building hand eye coordination.


With button up shirts, button up the bottom three button's for the child the night before. That way they can slip it over their head. They will only have to button the top one or two. For a child that's learning to dress themselves they can get frustrated easily, but they feel accomplished when they get the job done.

Where can you find the cute clothing above:
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