Monday, November 29, 2010

How Much Water Should You Drink When You Are Nursing a New Baby?

I always wondered when I was nursing, "How much water should I be drinking"?

It's the same rule for everyone, breastfeeding or not: Drink enough to satisfy thirst. The current recommendation is to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Sometimes I needed to drink more then that during allergy season or when I had a cold. On a day I felt good, drinking 6 glasses was plenty.

If you are exercising, you may need to drink more then the daily 6 to 8 glasses. Again drink enough to satisfy your thirst. 

Usually I would drink a glass of water during the night feedings. It just kept me awake, and put fluids in me at the same time as fluids were being sucked out of me.

One thing to think about: There is water in Milkmaid Tea, in fruits, veggies and soup that you eat. All the liquids in your foods count as your recommended water count.

I would put water in a covered container the night before; this way it was ready for me to drink.

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Deanna said...

Really, only 6-8 oz? Not 6-8 glasses? I would like to know, I plan to BF when my daughter is born next month. Thanks!

health said...

An adequate intake is especially important for the physically active who may lose significant amounts of water through sweat. Before, during, and after exercise you should drink several glasses of water.