Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Went to the Dentist and We Talked About Breastfeeding

I went to the dentist yesterday. The lady who cleaned my teeth told me that it was her first day back from maternity leave. I said, "I know what that is like."

I'm glad we started talking because she looked at my chart and started to say my kid's name and age. Trouble is, is that she only said one kid's name and age. It was the wrong name and age. She had the wrong chart. She had someone named Alyssa when my name is Alissa. Alyssa's kid was named Landon. My kid's names are Mica and Isaak. Mica has 3 Landon's in his preschool class. Apparently it's a very popular name right now.

She got the right chart, and I asked if her baby was doing ok without her? She said, "Yes." I went on to tell her about the first time my husband watched our nephew. He would not take a bottle for the full 8 hours that he had him. It was miserable for him and my husband! This went on for a few weeks! Yep the boy was addicted to breasts and breasts only.

My hygienist said that she too is nursing. Her first one didn't want to take a bottle, but her new baby does ok with one.

A message to the mother's that have to go back to work, try a bottle out earlier on. Not so early that you compromise your latch. Not so late that you have to go back to work and they won't have anything to do with a bottle. 

My sister felt like she was pumping for no reason. Then her little guy was starving when she finally got home. He had concentrated urine, which lead to red parts.

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