Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weaning a Two Year Old

I was on a role with weaning my two year old Isaak from nursing. He was down to nursing once a day months ago.

Then he got a cold, or cut a tooth. There always seemed to be something that would bring him back to nursing more often then I'd like. I wasn't ready to be finished with nursing, but I wanted to be nursing him a lot less then what I was.

I always wanted my son's to self wean. I think if I would of let them go on to end on their own accord they would of nursed past kindergarten. That's normal in some countries, but not here in the US.
I've gotten asked from close relatives about when I was going to stop nursing? Of course I thought I was weaning a lot earlier then now. Then they'd say something like, "I thought you were weaning him a long time ago?" I thought so too. It's just not cut and dry like that.

Many habits you can take away like a binki or a blanket. With nursing, or sucking a finger, well you just can't take those things away. No out of sight, out of mind, no throwing them in the trash can together.

The truth is, is it is a hard task. Just as hard as starting in my mind, which was pretty dang hard.
Everything I've read says not to wean while your baby/toddler is cutting a tooth or sick. Isaak's mostly always cutting a tooth. I think he's cutting one now.

I see Isaak as my baby. His hair is soft like a babies. He is my baby. Then I saw him hold my friend's newborn, and he looked like a giant compared to her.

I sat Isaak down two days ago and said, "Isaak, I need to talk to you about something that's going to be hard for us. You are getting too big for Mommies bottles (this is what I've always called nursing to him).  You're going to have to stop nursing. Do you understand Mommy?" He said, "O tay Mommy." Two seconds later he said, "Bottles Mommy?" and was trying to lift at my shirt.
Some people say kids understand more then what we give them credit for. This may be the case sometimes. In this case, not so much.

We cried together yesterday. He cried much more then I did. I gave in before bedtime because I felt not full, but uncomfortable.
Today he cried and asked for "bottles," but less then yesterday. He had no bottles today.
Nursing has always been his comfort, and I'm trying to replace that with cuddling and singing. It works, but he still tries to tug at my shirt, and gets really mad when I don't give in.
It's been a rough few days.
It's hard saying goodbye to something I worked so hard to make work in the first place.
I wonder if Isaak understands that giving this up is hard on Mom too?

On a happier note, Isaak has been dry for two day. He really is getting to be a big boy.
I've let him run around in the nude, and he's been going on his own standing up.

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