Thursday, July 15, 2010

Milk Woman

  • I remember back to when I had each of my boy's, I felt like such a milk woman!
  • I was leaking like crazy with Mica. I pumped a lot when he was first born because of all his tongue issues. I just wanted to make sure I had enough milk produced for him, and his pediatrician kept recommending to me to pump.
  • I had a deep freezer full of frozen milk cubes in no time. 
  • I just want to tell any new mom that nursing and sleeping gets better! The first few months are draining. I think that's why a lot of mom's give up with nursing. 
  • I loved my babies, but I also remember feeling like a failure with nursing. I was tired, emotional and having trouble with both of my son's latching.
  • Just stick with it, and it gets easier. Nursing is much more enjoyable as time goes on.

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