Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ear Infections

  • I know a lot of parents and their children struggle with ear infections!
  • I'm lucky that my youngest has never had a single ear infection. 
  • My oldest on the other hand had many. He almost got to the point where they were going to put tubes in his ears, but decided not to because he all the sudden stopped having them. One time he had an ear infection, and got a staph infection on the same side on his neck. It is my belief that one small infection started this more serious one.
  • Breastfeeding is supposed to help with ear infections. It does because the antibodies from the breast milk are so helpful with fighting off infections.
  • There are some babies and toddlers that still just get a lot of ear infections. Mainly it is from the tubes in their ears being underdeveloped. There really is nothing you can do to help the tubes in their ears to develop; except by putting tubes in them.
  • If your child gets an ear infection, many doctors will just let them be. Studies have shown that antibiotics do not help as much as they once thought. My oldest only got antibiotics when his infection got really bad. If it seems like your child isn't getting rid of their infection on their own they may need antibiotics. 
  • Antibiotics takes away both good and bad bacteria out of one's system. Having too many antibiotics can cause baby eczema, thrush and a yeast infection on their bottom.
  • There are probiotics that help put the good bacteria back into your child. They are over the counter. You'll need to get a powder form to mix with breast milk, or baby cereal. 
  • Probiotics are in yogurt. So if your child is old enough to eat Yo Baby Yogurt, you may want to try that instead. It's made with whole milk too!
  • They even have baby cereals that have probiotics in them as well.

  • Like anything, you should always talk to the child's doctor about giving your baby probiotics. Ask them how much you can give your child throughout the day. It's important to even tell a child's doctor if you are giving them a daily vitamin.
A few things you can try to help prevent ear infections is:
  • Try breastfeeding your older baby or toddler in the sitting up position. The milk then doesn't pool up like it does when they are nursing laying down. You can try adjusting a Boppy Pillow to help younger babies to sit up more when nursing.
  • If a dad or someone else gives your child a bottle, tell them to try and sit the child up as well.
  • Again...Nurse them as much as possible because if they do get ear infections the antibodies will help fight the infection off.
  • Never smoke around a baby. 
  • Never let a baby sleep with a bottle in the mouth.
Knowing When Your Child Has an Ear Infection:
  • It is annoying to have to go in to the doctor all the time to test for an ear infection! 
  • I remember the constant co-pays with my oldest child! 
  • We'd take him in and bam it was teething and not an ear infection. 
  • They have a device that tests for middle ear ear infections.
  • If your child has a lot of ear infections; I'd recommend getting one of these handy devices. They run around $50, but are so worth it! Some co-pays are $50!

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