Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tips From Mom

  • Having a new baby is just that, new. 
  • Here's a few tips tips from my mom that I thought were really helpful.
  1. Sleep when the baby is sleeping. 
  2. Wear your pj's around the house for the first few weeks. This way if people come to visit, they can see that you are not ready to go. Therefore they will not stay long.
  3. Before you have your baby, prepare meals ahead of time to put in the deep freezer.
  • Here are tips from me.
  • Things that I wish I knew before having my babies.
  1. Pump and store as much as possible.  If your baby gets sick, you're supply is going to lessen. It's nice to have back up.
  2. Save that colostrum! I gave my babies milk with colostrum when they were sick to help give them antibodies to get better.
  3. Know how to use your pump before you go to the hospital. It's like a printer, they even have tech support for pumps now a days. I had no idea how to use mine. I'm so glad I had a sister that could help me.

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