Thursday, May 31, 2012

Diaper Rash - What Kind is it?

Diaper rash is painful! I remember my sons getting it and they would cry when I would change them. It really broke my heart.

There are many things you can use that help. It's very important to know what kind of rash it is. That's right there is more than one type of rash.

They can get a rash from a yeast infection, disposable diapers they are using, commercial wipes, new foods and teething. That's a lot to think about!

Here are step by step things to try:
  1. Ditch the commercial wipes. At least while they have the rash. They put a lot of chemicals in those things that can give them a rash. Alcohol is in many of them. Alcohol dries the skin out. 
  2. Make your own wipes. I have many recipes for making your own wipes, you can find them here. I often used just a baby wash cloth and water to clean them.
  3. Check the ingredients in your diaper rash cream! Many contain a moisture barrier. Little baby parts can't breathe. They can actually make a baby's bum worse. Have you ever used a deodorant that didn't work? It's the same type of thing with diaper rash cream. Check for scents used. This stuff stays on their skin. It shouldn't have added ingredients to make it smell better.
  4. Mom4Life carries a product called Magic Stick. It's a petroleum-free formula that is safe with both disposable and cloth diapers. It's made with natural and organic ingredients. All the ingredients I have heard of! Remember they have free shipping!
  5. There is also a homemade recipe that my doctor told me about that worked GREAT. It's one part Milk of Magnesia and one part Ponds Cold Cream. I would just mix a small container 1/2 way, pour the other ingredient in up towards the top and mixed it with a popsicle stick. My babies never cried when I used this. It's more for a yest infection. A really red, inflamed bum. 
  6. Sometimes they can get a rash from introducing a new food. Berries are so good for you, but can be hard on the system at first. Introduce them slowly. Even with toddlers and preschoolers, when berry season has started. Nursing moms may need to watch spicy foods. Just watch the amounts. Introduce foods slowly to babies.
  7. Cutting teeth is the worst! Many call it "Battery Acid Poop". It smells that bad! Change them often! Let them have naked time. I had one blanket I could care less if they soiled it. I just washed it. They could hang out naked, while getting some needed tummy time.
  8. Is it their diaper? If they are allergic to chemicals in a diaper they will be red all over. Sometimes it's a band of red that goes across their belly. That when you know to switch brands. Every once in awhile babies are allergic to every brand that's put on them. I have a nephew that was like that. She moved to cloth diapers. They sell some great cloth diapers here. Their diaper products are all marked down right now!
  9. If in doubt call your baby's doctor. They should be able to answer your questions. 

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